Monday, March 13, 2006

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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Ha this article rules.

Read this article. It's awesome. Awesome.

Record companies are stupid. And screwed.

Hahahaha the record companies have screwed themselves. At least I hope so.

Think about it: CD sales are going down. Fast. Record companies are releasing their artists' music online through services like iTunes and Real Rhapsody. The record companies are, suposedly, before the end of the year, going to raise per-song prices. More popular music will be priced higher and less popular music will be priced lower.

I have a sneaking suspicion that most of the music will be priced higher, rather than lower. I have news for the record companies: you are stupid. You are the stereotypical consumer-manipulating, profit-maximizing, evil, satanic corporation. Some companies actually care about making a decent product or service to sell to consumers, making a win-win situation. With the record companies, its a win-lose-lose situation. The company wins, the artist loses, and the consumer loses. The reason artists turn to record companies is, obviously, to get their music out there.

If they didn't produce albums, nobody would know who they were. The artists use the record companies mainly for marketing, but all in all the artists don't make that much money off album sales. When you pay $1 for a song on iTunes, about 15 to 20% ($0.15-$0.20, duh) goes to the artist. Sometimes less than that (yeah I said 5% in my last post but get over it). That doesn't include the cost of production, studio fees, etc. The other 80-85% goes to the record company and to the RIAA.

Anyways, on to how the companies will be screwed. With places like iTunes to distribute one's music, the record companies/RIAA are removed as the intermediary between the artist and the consumer. Artists will be able to sell their music on services like iTunes for cheaper, and they will make more money (they could sell for $0.25 to $0.50 and make more than the record company gives them). Haha stupid record companies. We hate you. Some artists already use file sharing to get their music out, because artists make their money from tours, not albums. If people hear your music and they like it, they will more than likely come to your concerts.

Don't buy any CDs. It's bad for your health.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Boycott Sony

If you haven't heard about what Sony BMG Records has been putting on CDs they're selling, you should. Certain music CDs purchased from Sony BMG (about 20 titles in all) contain software which (1) hides system and other files without the user's knowledge (2) transmits data secretly to Sony Records, included the user's IP address and perhaps other personally identifiable information (3) opens the user's computer to hackers by creating breaches in the security of user's systems. This software is installed without the user's knowledge when an infected CD is inserted into a Windows machine.

Quoted from this Wired News article, "...a lot more needs to be said to ensure Sony gets the message: This kind of behavior can never be tolerated." How does Sony BMG expect users to continue buying their CDs after they pull crap like this? The worst part is that Sony is doing little or nothing to fix the damage they have caused. This is completely outrageous. What the hell were they thinking?

Companies get away with things like this and wonder why people don't buy their products. Take a look at this scenario:

RIAA/Sony: I wonder why CD sales are down. It must be because people are illegally downloading music.
Consumer: Yeah, because if I buy a CD it installs spyware on my PC and all my information gets sent to you
RIAA/Sony: No, that's not it. It's your fault. Why aren't you buying the CDs? Do you have any MP3s on your computer?
Consumer: Yeah, I ripped the CD so I could listen to it on my iPod.

Okay that doesn't make all that much sense, but still. You get the point. Sony is claiming the software is protecting their rights and the rights of their artists. WHAT ABOUT MY RIGHTS AS A CONSUMER YOU ASSHOLES. You are not the only people who have rights, and I doubt the artists even care, especially since they make about 5% of the money from each sale, if that. Did you know that when you pirate music, you are not hurting the artists that you support. The only people you are hurting are record companies. The record companies and the RIAA will lead you to believe that you are hurting the artists when you pirate music so you won't do it. Most, if not all of the money you pay for an album goes straight to the Record Label and the RIAA. Artists make 99% of their income from concerts and tours, not from record sales, and you can't pirate a concert.

Anyways, Sony BMG Records should be shut down. Period. Unless they recall every single CD they ever sold with this technology and give the consumer every cent of their money back, including shipping and taxes, and soon, they should be disbanded. The software is illegal, sending information without the user's knowledge to Sony BMG and leaving the machine open for exploitation. Even Microsoft has said the next version of their Malicious Software Removal Tool will remove the repugnant software (go Microsoft, for once).

If I were an artist or band with Sony BMG, I would shred my contract. I honestly wouldn't care if it meant that I would never produce another record in my life, but that's just me. Sony BMG thinks they're helping artists, but all they're really doing is hurting them. If someone sees something that will screw up their computer and send information to a large, evil corporation they're not going to buy it. Although this doesn't really affect the artists income that much, it hurts their image because their CD won't get to as many people. This has little effect on Sony BMG because they already rake in billions of dollars a year.

Don't buy Sony BMG Records. Ever.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


My blog has 1,000 hits! I'm amazed. I didn't know people actually cared enough about the random junk I write about to come to blog more than 1,000 times. I haven't updated in a while, so here is what's going on:
  • For those of you who don't know, I'm going out with Cassie
  • The awesome people in Student Services read my blog apparently :)
  • The awesome people in Student Services showed my post about Reagan to Mr. Elrod (according to Matt). Wow.
  • Mitzi gave me a really good peanut butter eyeball at lunch today, and I found a cookie in my bookbag. That means I had three cookies and a peanut butter eyeball for lunch today, along with my wrap (which, by the way, contains about .001 grams of food, the rest being iceberg lettuce and tortilla shell), and no fruit or vegetable (other then iceberg lettuce, which doesn't really count as anything except water).
  • I'm freaking out because swimming tryouts are in a week.
  • I haven't decided if I really want to go to Lee's halloween party (no offense, Lee)
  • Yay there is a 6 day break.
  • Everyone needs to go to the Awesome Forum, because its awesome. There's going to be something new and awesome there soon.
Yeah thats about it. Sad... that's all thats worth talking about it like 2 weeks (or more... I don't know when my last update was).

Sunday, October 09, 2005

...all we need is respect

I really wish people would respect other people. It's not that hard. Even if you don't in your mind, its not hard to cover up your feelings and show some decency. For example, here is an excerpt from a popular internet forum.

Quote: Originally posted by BlizzardFan
hey graviton, your realize that we ahve more evidence that Jesus walked this earth than that Abraham Lincoln did? and that even history majors (unless they are truelly ignorant) acknowledge that he was a person?

Your comment about Jesus vs Abraham Lincoln is simply not true. Sorry.

And anyway, if you bothered to read the thread before making a reactionary comment you would have seen that the historical Jesus is not being contested here. The information I was after was the earlier Pagan myths that have all the hallmarks of the Christ myth. Your belief that the mythological stories are literal truth is irrelevant to me.

Fortunately I have now been pointed towards the information that I was after (thanks to the lovely lakelady), so the thread has served it's useful purpose.

Good day to you.

While it is probably true that there is more evidence suggesting the existence of Abraham Lincoln than Jesus Christ, he could have made that statement a bit nicer. His references to my religion as "the Christ myth" is (a) stupid sounding (b) extraordinarily unneeded and (c) extremely ignorant.

A myth is defined as: (1) An improvable story, almost always including incredible or miraculous events, that has no specific reference point or time in history (2) any story that attempts to explain how the world was created or why the world is the way that it is

There are some other defenitions on Google, but most of them seem to have been written by idiotic, closed-minded, super athiest types, so they don't count. Anyways, the first defenition states "...has no specific reference point in time or history." We know the time and place that the New Testament (the part with Jesus) took place. The second defenition: the New Testament doesn't explain how the world was made.

OK I sort of got off the subject, but the point is, that guy is an idiot. If people would just respect one another's opinions, the world would be a better place. Just accept someone's view, even if you don't share it.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Blah... I'm so bored

I've been trying to get in shape for swim team recently, but I've only been at it for a few days. I've already made some progress. Yeah I know, I'm awesome. I'm so bored, I'm actually kind of glad school started, because it gives me something to do. I'm still working hard on the Reagan High School Website. It gets an insane amount of hits, as soon as you change something like 20 people notice. It's crazy, considering all the sites I work on are like... 1 hit every day. Anyways, there are lots of things that have been irritating me lately, so here you go.

Metal music is stupid
Yes I know this is a rather bold statement. Several people are probably going to shoot me after reading this. But too bad for you (them). Moving on, metal is a retarded genre. Not as retarded as punk-pop, but still retarded. Who wants to listen to a bunch of gibberish? You can't understand anything, and even if you do, it doesn't make that much sense.

Maybe I'm missing something, but all I hear when I listen to metal is "blah blah blah blah blah." Somebody sent me a bunch of Metal music from a popular Metal artist, but I couldn't really understand that much of it, and whenever I go to lyrics sites my computer gets infiltrated with flashing banner ads (popups too, except I'm using Firefox). Also, whats the point of listening to music that you can't understand? Why should you even have to look up the lyrics? Who cares enough to look them up? I certainly don't. Rock is better.

We're all stupid. All of us.
And by "we" I mean Americans. We're all a bunch of whining selfish idiots, myself included. Here are some common American complaints and how stupid they are.
  • "Gas is too expensive"
    • No it's not. Gas here is not expensive. In Europe, it's around 5 USD per liter. Keep in mind that a liter is less than a gallon, and that you're an idiot
  • "Mexicans are stealing all our jobs"
    • The mexicans are not stealing your jobs. You are giving your jobs to them. If you want to dig ditches for $3 an hour, someone will hire you. I doubt you want to, so until you decide to do more menial labor for less money, just shut up. You can't blame employers for hiring cheaper labor. If you want to work for less, no one is going to stop you.
  • "The store/mall/school/pharmacy/etc. is too far away"
    • You can't expect companies to build stores on every streetcorner. You have no right to complain. Some people in your very country, living within at most 50 miles of you, do not have cars to drive to the store, which is the same distance from their house as from yours. People in Ethiopia don't have money, much less stores.
  • "Bush is a bad president."
    • Saddam Hussein was a worse leader than Bush could ever be. At least our government guarantees us some degree of freedom. Stop whining about censorship or freedom of speech or whatever other over-pulicized issue you blogged about on your excessively politically oriented blog. People in Africa, Cuba, and much of the Middle East don't even have the freedom to talk about these issues, so just shut up.
We all complain about more things than this, but these are just a few examples. The point is: shut up. Please.

People who don't like Reagan are idiots
If you don't like Reagan, you need to go away. Forever. School will never be perfect, so you need to stop finding every small detail to criticize. "Whine whine whine my teacher gave me homework. The kids at [Insert - other - crappy - school - here] don't get homework." Yeah well too bad for you. "Whaaa Mr. Elrod's speech is too long winded." "Whaaa this work is too hard." Most of the complaints come from freshmen, because they haven't had the experience of another school. Here are some things to like about Reagan:
  • It doesn't smell like fish
  • The climate control works properly
  • We have new computers
  • We have a ridiculously nice cafeteria
  • We have a ridiculously nice auditorium
  • Mr. Elrod is the best principal ever. EVER.
  • We have pretty much all good teachers
  • We have an awesome school website.
  • We have two doors leading to the stairs, not one
  • Our school looks like a mall
  • The doorknobs make a cool clicking noise when you use them
  • Our school has windows, so it isn't depressing
  • Mitzi works at Reagan
Also, to anyone reading this: USE THE CORRECT SIDE OF THE STAIRS. It will not kill you, I promise. If you don't go to Reagan, we have a railing in the middle of the stairs, so you just stay on the right of the railing and you won't run into other people going to other way. The problem is, all the stupid idiots think the railing is just there for decoration, so they happily walk up/down THE WRONG SIDE OF THE STAIRS. They always tend to be walking very fast, and they run into me. Grrrr.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Drama is stupid

I hate drama. It's stupid. "OMG MY BOYFRIEND DUMPED ME! OMG WHAT AM I GONNA DO?" Who cares? Not me... keep your problems to yourself please. I come to school to get an education, not to watch some stupid twisted relationship web unfold in front of me. Good lord get a life. I hate how everyone follows all these relationships among the football players because they have no lives of their own. Then they go home and watch E! so they can find out all about the newest person Britney Spears is sleeping with or whatever. What's the point?

I hate freshmen too. They are all idiots and never look where they're going. Some freshmen are good (ones that I know), but most of them are obnoxious and immature. They always walk too fast, in the wrong place, or into me. For example: last week, I was calmly walking up the stairs (on the correct side of the stairs, mind you), and here comes the freshman, half-running, not looking where he's going. Down the wrong side of the stairs. BOOM! He slams into me (I don't know how someone could not see me, I'm not exactly short). Then he hurriedly runs away without saying anything. Not even a sorry for being an incompetent idiot and using the wrong side of the stairs. For those who don't know, at Reagan we have railings in the middle of the stairs. It is common sense that you stay to the right, so right is up or down depending on whether you're on the top or the bottom of the stairs. Apparently they need signs because some people are as dumb as poles and can't figure out which way to go.

All the freshmen are too short as well. I wasn't that short when I was a freshman, why should they be? Why do some of them walk around like they own the place, even though they're 4 feet tall and walk on the wrong side of the stairs. Why do they run around the halls like a bunch of idiots? Why do they talk during the announcements? Why do they play around constantly as if they have so much energy that it's just too much to handle? Why do they ride the elevator just to waste power? Because they're stupid. That's it. This is what we should do: make people take a test. A maturity test. If you're too much of an idiot to pass the test, then you fail at life. Too bad for you. Good luck being a janitor.

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